Missing Madeleine McCann: remember the story

It’s the case that shocked the world. Three-year-old Madeleine McCann disappeared from her parents’ apartment while on holiday in Portugal in 2007. The young girl was left alone with her siblings, and has not been seen since. It’s one of the most complicated criminal cases in history, with unreliable evidence, false leads, and police suspicion of the McCann parents.

The case was unprecedented for many reasons. It’s arguably the most infamous missing persons case ever, still unsolved after all these years. The news spread like wildfire back in 2007, partly thanks to the introduction of social media, which saw pictures of McCann shared throughout the world. A big reason the case is so infamous is its ambiguity, and there has never been a key suspect or lead, apart from the parents. Many are divided about the McCann parents, with some actually thinking they had a role in their daughter’s disappearance. It’s truly the greatest true crime story of our times, but surely there’s an answer to this unending mystery.

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