It is time for the government to legislate over fan ownership in football

The protest by football fans at Old Trafford today comes as no surprise, and is indicative of the failure of capitalism in football club ownership.

Selling off these clubs to the highest bidders, many of whom have no interest in the sport is having predictable outcomes.

Shareholder value is minimal, as profits go to inflated player salaries and owner investment returns.

Time for the Government to legislate, as in Germany, for a minimum of 51 per cent fan ownership, as exemplified here in Dunfermline.

Richard Lloyd


Maya Oppenheim’s article which discussed measures to tackle violence against women reminded me of my first year at university in the late sixties when I was living in an all female hall of residence.

There had been several incidents of women being attacked on their way home at night and the police were asked if they would put an officer on the beat in the area.

Their response was “We tried that once before but nothing ever happened so we took them off.”

We felt they had somewhat missed the point.

Jean Foster


The December 2019 general election was a referendum on whether the electorate wanted to get Brexit done and move on. The result was emphatic. People wanted politicians to get on with the job of running the country and focussing on what matters.

The May 2021 Scottish elections are a referendum on whether the Scottish electorate want another damaging and divisive independence referendum. Let us hope for an equally emphatic result, rejecting pointless constitutional wrangling and focussing on rebuilding the whole UK post-pandemic.

N Hill


Marc Abraham’s article about the cruelty involved in production of factory-farmed chickens is a timely reminder that as a race we humans have to recalibrate our relationship with the animal word.

It is not only about compassion to animals it is also about our own welfare and survival. Our food habits are degrading the planet.

A plant-based vegetarian and vegan diet is the only solution to avert an existential crisis.

Nitin Mehta

Address supplied

I am concerned that James Cleverly has been discomforted by reporting on Boris Johnson’s financial arrangements

For the life of me I can’t imagine why such questioning causes Tories a problem.

Eddie Dougall

Bury St Edmunds

Can someone explain why the economy of Great Britain seems to depend on its citizens spending as much as possible on drinking alcohol and taking foreign holidays?

Andrew Cleverley


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